NameEmailJob titleLocationAreas of expertise
Dr Mannan Officer and Lab ManagerThin Film deposition of magnetic materials and magnetic tunnel junctions
Mr David Support Technician
Dr Nathan Curie Outgoing Global Research FellowSuperconducting Spintronics
Dr Philippa Shepley
Dr Philippa OfficerSir Henry Royce Institute/Bragg Centre Thin Film Deposition Facility
Dr Kévin Skłodowska-Curie Fellowelectric field control of magnetism, magnetic domain walls and micromagnetic simulations
Dr Sachin Doctoral Research FellowQuantum spin Hall spintronics
Dr Razan AboljadayelPostdoctoral research fellowBragg Building 3.01Synthetic antiferromagnetic skyrmions
Dr Craig KnoxPostdoctoral ResearcherInjection of Spin into a 2 Dimensional Topological Insulator
Kathryn research fellowMetallic spintronics
Dr Matthew research fellowNanocarbon spintronics