Members of the condensed matter group are responsible for teaching solid state and experimental physics across our degree programmes.

First year – Head of First Year – Dr Thomas Moore

PHYS1300 Maths 2 Dr Thomas Moore
First year core mechanics.
PHYS1200 Modern Physics section of Physics 1 Prof .J. Hickey
First year core Quantum Physics and Relativity.
PHYS1100 Physics Laboratory 2 Dr Thomas Moore
First year Undergraduate Laboratory in semester 2

Second year

PHYS2210 Solid State Section of Physics 4 Prof B.J. Hickey
Electrons and Phonons in metals, introduction to semi-conductor physics and magnetic materials.
PHYS2110 Physics Laboratory 4 Dr Satoshi Sasaki
Second year Physics Labroatory, Semester 2
PHYS2320 Computering 2 Dr Gavin Burnell
Second year computing, Python (Semester 1)

Third year – Head of 3rd Year MPhys – Dr Gavin Burnell

PHYS3421 Magnetism in Condensed Matter Dr Thomas Moore
Magnetism, Magnetic materials, spintronics
PHYS3393 Quantum Matter Dr Oscar Cespedes
Quantum Effects in Solid State Systems.
PHYS3777/3778 Advanced Experimental Techniques Dr Gavin Burnell with Dr Oscar Cespedes, Prof B.J. Hickey, Dr Thomas Moore, Dr Satoshi Sasaki
Experimental Laboratory course for level 3 MPhys students

Fourth year – Head of Year – Dr Oscar Cespedes

PHYS5014M Final Year Research Project Dr Oscar Cespedes with all members of the group
The final year project for all the MPhys Degree programmes
PHYS5300M Superconductivity Dr Satoshi Sasaki
Superconductivity phenomenology and theory, introduction to superconducting devices
PHYS5360M Quantum Transport in Nanostructures Prof Christopher Marrows with Drs Burnell, Cespedes, Moore and Sasaki
Advanced study and presentations based on recent research papersa in solid state and quantum physics experiments