00:00-00:00 Room: TBA
Dr Rubén Otxoa de Zuazola
Title: TBA

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14:00-15:00 Room: TBC
Dr Shelly Conroy
Title: TBC
14:00-15:00 Room: Electrical Engineering Rhodes LT (G.55)
Dr Malcolm R. Connolly
Title: Superconductor-Semiconductor Quantum Circuits
14:00-15:00 Room: Bragg LT (2.37)
Prof Yoichiro Tanaka
Title: Magnetic data storage technology; from the invention of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) to the social integration
15:00-16:00 Room: Chemical and Process Engineering SR (4.06)
Prof Hariharan Srikanth
Title: Turning on the heat with spins and their transport across interfaces in heterostructures
14:00-15:00 Room: Chemistry LT. D (G.35)
Dr Mingee Chung
Title: Quantum Magnetism in One Dimension
14:00-15:00 Room: William Bragg GR.25
Dr Aidan Hindmarch
Title: Spintronics: understanding how pure spin currents cross interfaces
This seminar is put off due to the industrial action on 30/11/2022 until further notice. 14:00-15:00 Room: William Bragg LT 2.37
Dr Trevor Almeida
Title: The versatility of Lorentz microscopy for studying nanomagnetic systems
14:00-15:00 Room: Civil Engineering LT B (3.25)
Dr Oliver Amin
Title: Antiferromagnetic half-skyrmions, electrically generated and controlled in CuMnAs thin films
14:00-15:00 Room: Chemistry SR 1.53g
Dr Laura Clark
Title: Using electron microscopy to reveal materials properties – what we can see, and what we can’t see (yet)
14:00-15:00 Room: Electrical Engineering SR 3.52
Dr Naoto Yamashita
Title: Semiconductor spintronics - device application and the design