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Remote – time to be confirmed
Ioannis Charalampidis, Ahasan Habib, Chris Barker
(Sean Stansill, Mai Kameda, Lin Huang)
Prof Christian Back
Title: New skyrmion resonance modes in a chiral magnetic insulator
14:00-15:00 11-14 Blenheim Terrace SR 1.17
Emily Darwin, Robbie Hunt
14:00-15:00 EC Stoner SR (7.79)
Dr Ezio Iacocca
Title: Tailoring spin wave channels in a reconfigurable artificial spin ice
14:00-15:00 EC Stoner SR (7.83)
Dr Eloi Haltz
14:00-15:00 EC Stoner SR (7.79)
Alexandra Huxtable
14:00-15:00 Clothworkers North Building LT (G.12)
Satam Alotibi, Kathryn Moran, Jack Adams
14:00-15:00 EC Stoner 7.78
Dr. Alexy Karenowska
Title: TBC
11:00-12:00 Roger Stevens LT16 (12.16)
Prof. Masashi Shiraishi
Title: Spins in low-dimensional materials systems: Transport, gate-control and conversion