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Group Facilities

Our experimental programmes require the highest degree of sophistication in materials growth, nanoscale fabrication and sample characterisation. To support this research portfolio, the group has an extensive range of state of the art in-house faciltites as well as making use of cutting-edge tools within the University and at external national and international facilities.

The group now hosts a new national thin film growth facility as part of the Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials. By combining many different growth techniques in a single multi-chamber tool, this new facility will allow users to engineer interfaces between very different materials systems, including organics, oxides, metals and alloys to exploit emergent behaviour that arises from interfaces.

Materials Growth

Our world-class materials growth facilities include a variety of thin-film deposition systems and a furnace...

Fabrication Facilities

Fabrication facilities are used to pattern thin films into nanoscale devices and integrate these devices with novel materials.


The group possesses an extensive suite of apparatus for characterising bulk samples, thin films and nanoscale devices.

Computational and Modelling Facilities

A rapidly developing area of the group facilities is out computational and modelling activities.