NameEmailJob titleLocationAreas of expertise
Muaid AlgarniPost Graduate StudentSuperconducting Spintronics
Shoug AlghamdiPhD StudentAmorphous Carbon Based Spintronics
Sultan AlhassanPost Graduate StudentSuperconducting Spintronics
Dr Christopher AllenPostdoctoral ResearcherQuantum Entanglement in the Solid State. PDRA Dept Materials, Oxford University
Dr Javier Moreno AlmeidaPhD StudentTheory of the Early Universe
Majed AlshammariPhD StudentOrganicSpintronics
Dr Graham AndersonPhD StudentSpintronics and Magnetic Tunnelling Junctions
Dr Vincent BaltzPost Doctoral ResearcherNanomagnets and Magnetic Point Contacts - now has a permanent position at SpinTec in Grenoble
Luke BoneCryogenics TechnicianCryogenics technician
Robert BudaPhD StudentEpitaxial Graphene
Philip CaleTechnician
Dr David CiudadVisiting Post-doctoral Research FellowSingle Electron Transport in Magnetic Nanocluster Tunnel Junctions
Dr Graham CreethEPSRC PhD+ FellowGraphene-based Spintronics - now a PDRA at UCL
Dr Mark de VriesPost Doctoral ResearcherNow a lecturer in Chemistry and the University of Edinburgh Magnetic ordering in Fe-Rh alloys
Dr Kari DempseyPhD StudentMagnetic Tunnelling Junctions and Nanoclusters
Dr Mark ElkinPost Doctoral Research FellowQuantum Entanglement in the Solid State
Dr Lara San EmeterioPhD StudentSpintronic Nanostructures
Dr Mihai GabureacPost Doctoral ResearcherS/F Hybrid Spintronics - now a postdoc at Thun in Switzerland.
Mr Brian GibbsCryogen & Vacuum Support Technician
Dr Colin GrantPost Doctoral researcherSimulations of retinal defects
Daniel GroutMasters by ResearchDeposition of Epitaxial Heusler Alloys
Dr Sachin Doctoral Research FellowQuantum spin Hall spintronics
Dr Eloi Doctoral Research FellowMagnetic dynamics and skyrmions
Dr Mark HickeyPost Doctoral ResearcherDomain Wall Spintronics - now a Fulbright Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr Aidan HindmarchPost Doctoral ResearcherMagnetic Nanoclusters, now moved to a PDRA position at the University of Nottingham
Dr Ales HrabecPost Doctoral ResearcherCurrent-Induced Domain Wall motion in Nanowires, Interfacial effects, Artifical Spin Ice
Dr Alex JenkinsPhD StudentThin Film Superconductivity and Magnetism
Dr Mohd KhanPostodctoral Research FellowOrganic Spintronics
Dr Risalat Research AssociateSpin-orbit torques and domain wall dynamics
Dr Jangyong KimPostdoctoral Research FellowGeneration, Imaging and Control of Novel Coherent Electronic States in Artificial Ferromagnetic-Superconducting Hybrid Metamaterials and Devices - Now at Italian Institute of Technology(IIT)
Dr Christian KinanePhD StudentMagnetic Scattering from Multilayers and Films - now an instrument scientist at the ISIS Neutron Source, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
Professor Ian LawrieProfessor of Theoretical PhysicsTheory of Phase Transition and Early Universe
Dr Chantal Le GrantPost Doctoral ResearcherMagnetic ordering in Fe-Rh alloys
Dr Serban LepadatuPost Doctoral ResearcherCurrent-Driven Domain Wall Motion in Multilayer Nanowires Now at the National Physical Laboratory
Dr Scott MarmionPhD StudentSpin Seebeck effect
Dr Jamie Fellow in NanomagnetismSpintronics and nanomagnetism
James MiddletonPhD StudentSpin Currents
Dr Andrei MihaiVisiting Post Doctoral researcherNanoscale Spintronics Devices - currently a PDRA in the Solid State Physics Group at Imperial College
Dr Arpita MitraPhD StudentSpinIcur ITN Early Stage Researcher
Dr Timothy OfficerCollaboration development for Sir Henry Royce Institute
Dr Jason P MorganEPSRC Doctoral Prize WinnerNanomagnetism and Artificial Spin Ices. Now a PDRA at the University of Cambridge
Dr Sophie MorleyPost Doctoral Research FellowArtifical spin-ice structures
Dr Christopher MorrisonPostdoctoral Research FellowQuantum Spin Hall Effect Spintronics
Dr Adam NaylorTechnology development Officer
Dr Matthew NewmanPhD StudentCarbon based Superconducting Devices
Nicolas PetersPhD StudentJoint student with Instiute of Microwave Photonics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Dr Nick PorterPostdoctoral ResearcherSpin-torque in epitaxial transition metal silicides - currently training as a Physics teacher
Joshua ReadSummer studentSpin-orbit torques in magnetic multilayers
Dr Susan RileyPhD StudentSpin Ices on 2D Electron Gases (joint with Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Poppy RoweWork experience placement
Dr Luis Benito Curie Research FellowAntiferromagnetic straintronics: towards an non-volatile all-voltage controlled memory device.
Dr Klaus SeemanPhD StudentNanoscale Domain Wall Spintronics
Kowsar ShahbaziPhD StudentLarge spin Hall angle materials for spin Hall torques
Dr Dong ShiPhD StudentArtificial Spin Ices Experiment and Theory
Gregory SimonMasters by Research Student
Dr Priyasmita SinhaPhD StudentSpin polarisation in transition silicide materials
Dr Charles SpencerPhD StudentTopological Hall Effect
Dr Benjamin SteelePhD StudentOscillatory Magnetoresistance in Superconducting Nanostructures
Dr Georgios Research FellowPure Spincurrents in nanostructures
Dr Andrew StrudwickPhD StudentNow A Marie Curie Experienced Research Fellow at BASF, Germany
Dr Satoshi SugimotoMarie Curie Research FellowDynamics of chiral spin texture
Dr Anna SuszkaPost Doctoral ResearcherThin Film Magnetism
Dr Rowan TemplePostdoctoral Research FellowMagnetic order phase transition in B2 ordered iron-rhodium
Efthymia-Ofelia TsompopoulouPhD StudentStructural and Magnetic Effects of Self-Ion Irradiation of FeCr Thin Films.
Mr John and Vacuum Support TechnicianCryogenic and vacuum specialist techician
Dr Matthew VaughanPhD StudentGrowth of Heavy Half Heusler Alloy thin films
Mr Mike WalkerExperimental OfficerMBE Growth, XPS Analysis, now retired
Dr Jill WeaverPost Doctoral ResearcherMagnetoresistive Domain Wall Sensors - Now at Nanometrics
Dr James WebbPhD StudentPDRA at Lund University, Sweden
Dr Adam WellsPhD StudentSpin torque and magnetic domain walls
Amy WestermanPhD StudentExtrinsic spin-orbit scattering in thin films
Dr May WheelerPost Doctoral Research FellowNow at Cambridge Display Technologies
Amy WhitesidePhD Student
Dr James WittPostdoctoral Research FellowSpin Currents for Quantum Information
Dr Katharina ZeisslerPostdoctoral Research FellowRoom Temperature Magnetic Skyrmions