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Getting to the University

You will find general directions to the University on the main University website. We strongly reccomend arriving by train if travelling from the UK, or by flight via Schipol (Amsterdam) to Leeds Bradford Airport if flying from overseas. The University is a city centr campus with limited parking and Leeds has a confusing onepway and inner-ring road system that can make arriving by car surprisingly difficult for the stranger to the city.

Getting to the Condensed Matter Group

From the main entrance, proceed down the hill, past the new Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building towards the EC Stoner Building. You can get to the main Physics reception by going all the way down the hill to the EC Stoner Building, turning left immediately in front of it and then entering by door 3. Go up one level (to level 8) and you will arrive at Physics & Astronomy main reception.

Alternatively to proceed direct to the group, from the main gate, go down the hill and take trhe second side road on the left (Lodge St). Proceed to the end of this road and go up the shrt flight of steps onto the Physics Research Deck. Ahead and slightly to the right there is a door into the building. Enter here, turn right and then right again to find the academic offices for the group around a small coffee area.

The group occupies the lower level of the Physics Research Deck building (level 8).