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Materials Growth


BiSbTeSe (BSTS) vapour transport grown crystals

The Condensed Matter Group has world-class facilities for the deposition of thin films including metals, oxides and semiconductors as well as a suite of furnaces for the production of topological insualting and superconducting single crystal materials.

The thin films are grown via physical vapour deposition (PVD) processes namely sputtering, molecular beam epitaxy and evaporation. In addition to PVD we also produce layers of organic materials including C60. In particular, the group specialises in the growth of magnetic multilayers for spintronic applications.

The Royce Deposition System is a new multi-chamber facility for thin film growth that includes a range of techniques: growth of complex oxides by pulsed laser deposition, growth of topological insulator and superconductor thin films by a dedicated molecular beam epitaxy machine and growth of metal-organic hybrid structures by molecular beam epitaxy and sputtering.

For an in-depth look at each growth facility, follow the links below: