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Software Packages Developed by the Condensed Matter Physics Group.

Python Analysis Code

The group has developed its own python package for writing analysis codes - the Stoner python package which is available via PyPi and also on github. It comes with a comprehensive documentation and user guide.

The Stoner Python package is a set of utility classes for writing data analysis code. It was written within the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Leeds as a shared resource for quickly writing simple programs to do things like fitting functions to data, extract curve parameters and churn through large numbers of small text data files.

For a general introduction, users are referred to the Users Guide pdf file that can be found in the doc/UserGuide directory in the github repository. There is also an API reference in the form of a compiled help file in the doc directory that is generated with Sphinx from the embedded docstrings in the source code.

Micromagnetic Modelling Codes

The group has its own micromagnetic modelling code, written by our former colleague, Dr Serban Lepadatu. This code is currently under development and will be relased publically at a later date. For informal enquiries, please contact Prof Christopher Marrows.