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The Royce Deposition System

The Royce Deposition System is a multi-chamber, multi-technique thin film deposition tool based at the University of Leeds as part of the Henry Royce Institute.

The system includes a prep chamber and four deposition chambers that are linked together via UHV transfer systems. This allows a range of different materials and growth techniques to be combined.

Materials from the Royce Deposition System are available as a facility service and for collaborations.


Preparation chamber with ion miller and annealing stage.
Sputtering system for metal and oxide thin films.
Pulsed Laser Deposition chamber for complex oxides.
Molecular Beam Epitaxy chamber for growth of topological insulators.
Organics deposition chamber for growth of hybrid metal-organic heterostructures.

Topological Materials MBE Chamber

This MBE has been designed for epitaxial growth of thin film topological insulators and topological superconductors. The system allows a wide range of alloys with precise stoichiometry aided by two high-temperature cracker cells.

  • Four dual-filament effusion cells for deposition of materials such as bismuth selenide.

  • Low temperature effusion cell for deposition of low melting point metals such as indium.

  • Two valved-corrosive-metal-cracker-cells for precise stoichiometric control over materials such as antimony and tellurium.

  • In-situ RHEED to monitor epitaxial growth.

  • Substrate temperature range -100° to 1200 °C.

Pulsed Laser Deposition Chamber

This chamber is designed for the growth of complex oxides, including dielectrics such as STO, ferroelectrics and multi-ferroics.

  • Multi-target system for growth of complex multi-layers.

  • KrF, 248 nm pulsed laser.

  • In-situ RHEED to monitor epitaxial growth.

  • Sample temperature range from room temperature to 1000°C.

  • Multiple process gases: Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen.

  • Dedicated load-lock.

Sputtering Chamber

This system is dedicated to the development of complex multi-layer structures for research into fundamental magnetism and skyrmions, and growth of magnetic oxides such as YIG for development of spin-pumping devices.

  • Eight DC/RF-magnetron sputter sources providing a wide range of magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

  • Off-axis sputter source for low-energy deposition onto sensitive materials.

  • Sample temperature range from -100° to 1200°C.

  • Multiple process gases: Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen.

  • Dedicated load-lock.

Organics Chamber

This system has been purpose built for the deposition of a wide range of molecular and organic materials such as fullerenes, metallo-fullerenes, pthalocyanines and quinolines. Combined with an e-beam evaporator, this enables the growth of hybrid metal-organic devices with multiple organic components.

  • Four low temperature effusion cells for precisely controlled evaporation of organic molecules.

  • Four pocket e-beam evaporation system for growth of metals.

  • DC/RF magnetron sputtering gun for growth of metals and metal-oxides.

  • Substrate temperature range from -100° to 1200°C.

  • Multiple process gases: Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen.

  • Dedicated load-lock.